What Now? Grief workbook

    Now What? A Guide to Navigating Life After Loss

    Grief is impossible to carry alone, and the good news is, you don’t have to.

    The ‘Now What’ grief workbook features 110 pages of comprehensive grief support, including 14 journal prompts, 4 worksheets and 2 downloadable meditations.

    Throughout the workbook, you’ll find ‘how to’ guides on building a self-care toolkit, cultivating positive habits, creating routine, identifying grief myths, navigating your relationships, connecting to your spirituality, recording your memories, finding meaning and legacy, and discovering new resources and support in the midst of your loss.

    Meet the writers.

    When their worlds shattered, two complete strangers from opposite corners of the globe found each other between the cracks. Having both lost their partners within six months of each other, Ellidy, 29, and Lotte, 31, were bound by their tragic losses and formed a unique bond and sisterhood that strengthens them – and others – across the waves between Australia and the UK, each day.

    ‘Now What’ is a culmination of the last 18 months of soul-searching, while navigating life after loss. May this book become a trusted friend to you on your own journey through grief.

    “In Japanese culture, the art of Kintsugi involves repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted with powdered gold. No matter how broken we feel, and no matter how changed we are, we can still put ourselves back together again, little by little, piece by piece. There is so much beauty and wholeness still inside of us, despite the wounds and the scars.” – Lotte

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